The photo work „VISA ME“ is about globalisation, about African heritage and the hope of a better life in the western world of consumption. Before there were paper passports, Africans used colourful masks to identify their tribes or countries of orgin when traveling across the continent. All the tribes or countries identified themselves with their own special colours and symbols, much like the world of consumption does with brand logos today. Since many West-African people dream of some visa or green card, nowadays passport-pictures-photostudios are quite common in West-Arica.

„VISA ME“ was photographed in one of these photostudios in Accra, Ghana, where people usually get their passport-pictures taken- taking the first step towards leaving Africa and entering the world of consumption. Photographing these people „VISA ME“ uses plastic bags as sort of mask. These bags which all originate from different market places in Accra represent the life the photographed persons are dreaming of.

The work tries to find a sensual language that is combining the African heritage with the western world of consumption – uniting dream with reality, hidden with exposedBehind the logo of each plastic bag there is a person, a face. Each one dreaming his or her very own dream of a world worth living in.