The conceptual photographic work “paint me white” deals with the problems of post-colonialism, racism, prostitution and human trafficking. It deals with sex videos distributed on the Internet, which are produced especially in West Africa by Western European males. The reality effect of these amateur porn films is that they are pixelated, clumsily and unedited. The authentic locations like cheap hotel rooms support this effect. These different long videos (of about 1min-30min) are dissected in their single frames. The overlay of these image packages results in a single picture. This reduces the entire visual content of the video to one image. The pornographic web video is being deconstructed. The end product carries the erased past of its original. The body disappears in an abstract image. These pictures do not function like windows anymore through which the viewer can voyeuristically gaze at scenes bodies performing sexual acts.  – It represents its own aesthetics.